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30+ years of hair care experience goes into each jar and bottle of the Exalted Beauty hair care line. Cosmetology, human physiology, biochemistry, nutrition, and herbal medicine has been extensively studied to bring you effective, and scientifically immediate results. At Exalted Beauty we "eliminate" the root of various hair health conditions rather than just "masking" the problem. All natural ethically sourced and organic ingredients are used to ensure you the highest quality and vitamin rich nutrients for reaching your hair's maximum potential. Incorporating "diet", a hair care routine, and products that provide "sustenance" to your hair instead of harmful chemicals, is essential in the proper maintenance and all over well being of your body. It's been a pleasure and an honor serving clientele of all ethnicities, hair types, genders, age groups, disorders and diseases, on a mission to helping people become the best "you" that you can be, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Use ingredients from the Earth. The natural cycle of replenishing and healing, the way that's intended by nature. Exalt, and become your highest self. You are worth every ounce of it.

My mom has taken care of my hair for 27 years and it grows like crazy! My followers know this. They’re amazed by her natural healing hands. 

Amber Samiyyah
Local Celebrity

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Sam Jordan

Business Owner

The worlds hair healer.